Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fake Stone Age

Not much is known about Fake Stone Age who were based in Berkely in California in the 80's. Associates of Patrick T of "Eat It Up" 'zine fame from the same area. A mix of radio, field recordings and studio chatter based on Patrick T's European trip of 1985. I met Patrick, his wife and baby daughter in Covent Garden in London when they came over as I had been a contributor to his 'zine. I seem to remember we had a coffee and chat and had a microphone shoved under my nose. You can hear bits of our rather self consciece banter interspersed amongst all the other snippets. Not sure what KPFA is ? probably some sort of public access radio station. If you know who Fake Stone Age is or what KPSA is please let us know.

Just did some searching and found it. Seems I was right. KPFA Radio.

Fake Stone Age - Side Two

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  1. Joey Know (Patrick T ) says - "That is a genuine Fake Stone Age radio show cassette tape. FSA was a 2-5 person experimental, punk rock band who played live shows around the San Francisco Bay Area and radio shows at KPFA Berkeley. Mainly as guests on Don Joyce's KPFA 'Over the Edge' radio show."