Tuesday, 14 June 2011

FSA - Demonstration

Another Fake Stone Age tape from the mid 80's. I think I contributed to this one with excerpts of a wobbly tape I sent them interspersed throughout the cassette.

Joey Know (Patrick T ) says - "That is a genuine Fake Stone Age radio show cassette tape. FSA was a 2-5 person experimental, punk rock band who played live shows around the San Francisco Bay Area and radio shows at KPFA Berkeley. Mainly as guests on Don Joyce's KPFA 'Over the Edge' radio show."

Fake Stone Age - Demonstration (excerpt )

Flea Art

I met Flea Art once at a book fair in Westminster where he kindly introduced himself. He had taken part in one of my Tape Exchanges in the early 90's and this is the cassette he sent me complete with Tunnocks boy collaged insert which instantly made it stand out amongst all the others of that time. Refreshingly too it contained some of my favourite novelty songs including Thunderbirds soundtrack and song by Lady Penelope and Parker. Also Everything's Fresh Today ( The Raspberry Song ). Some of the tracks are unknown to me so any detective work greatly appreciated.

Flea Art - Side One

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Another Thematic Tape Exchange cassette from the early 90's. Wermoewe was German mail artist Achim Weigelt who sadly is no longer with us. The tape contains several jolly tunes ranging from bird songs and choirs of children ( not sure if Achim was a school teacher?). Also a birthday song about "an odd 25 year old screech owl named Thomas".

The Mail Art Index says -

"Weigelt was born April 30, 1965. In 1983 he came into contact with Mail Art via Klaus Groh. Weigelt was especially known for his carefully done, rich in detail drawings made on his envelopes. He worked with ink and watercolors and developed a re-appearing character for his “stories”, the little bird “Wermöve”, that resembles an envelope. He later on started calling himself that way: Wermöve. On November 30, 1990 he died at the age of only 25 years."

Wermoewe - Side One

Red Herring

Another tape for the Exchange project I did back in the early 90's. Not sure who or what Red Herring were apart that they lived in Bath and we sent each other mail art for a couple of years on an irregular basis.

Red Herring - Musak For Seaports