Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Another Thematic Tape Exchange cassette from the early 90's. Wermoewe was German mail artist Achim Weigelt who sadly is no longer with us. The tape contains several jolly tunes ranging from bird songs and choirs of children ( not sure if Achim was a school teacher?). Also a birthday song about "an odd 25 year old screech owl named Thomas".

The Mail Art Index says -

"Weigelt was born April 30, 1965. In 1983 he came into contact with Mail Art via Klaus Groh. Weigelt was especially known for his carefully done, rich in detail drawings made on his envelopes. He worked with ink and watercolors and developed a re-appearing character for his “stories”, the little bird “Wermöve”, that resembles an envelope. He later on started calling himself that way: Wermöve. On November 30, 1990 he died at the age of only 25 years."

Wermoewe - Side One

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