Tuesday, 14 June 2011

FSA - Demonstration

Another Fake Stone Age tape from the mid 80's. I think I contributed to this one with excerpts of a wobbly tape I sent them interspersed throughout the cassette.

Joey Know (Patrick T ) says - "That is a genuine Fake Stone Age radio show cassette tape. FSA was a 2-5 person experimental, punk rock band who played live shows around the San Francisco Bay Area and radio shows at KPFA Berkeley. Mainly as guests on Don Joyce's KPFA 'Over the Edge' radio show."

Fake Stone Age - Demonstration (excerpt )


  1. See fake Stone Age recorded live in San Francisco, CA. Joey know on you tube. I don't know how to copy the link.

  2. Thanks Joey. I will have a look see.

  3. Do you plan on reuploading any of the tapes featured here? Hate to see some of this stuff lost to digital time...

    1. Not enough time to re-do any of these. Sorry. I have too many blogs and some have fallen by the way side.