Sunday, 22 October 2017

David Stone & Thomas Sutter - Multiple Impact Fables

A cassette from 26th June 1995 sent from the Regicide Bureau in Maryvill MO U.S.A. Live improvisations recorded live in Tom's living room it says. David Stone - Horns, guitar, tapes, percussion and longwaves. Thomas Sutter - Horns, turntables, bass, percussion, shortwaves, sampling and harmonica. Here's a short section from side 1- HERE. "Part of the world-wide cabal of experimental home-tapers, St. Louis-based Thomas Sutter, cut his teeth during the heyday of early 1980s underground cassette culture. His Regicide Bureau project has been running strong for 30+ years publishing his exploits as an electroacoustic trickster of sorts. Around 400 cassettes and CD-Rs of his head-scratching and genre-defying sound art and music have been put out to date. Many of these editions are concept albums, displaying a range of sounds from the pensive to the chaotic, with themes relating to esoteric Buddhist teachings released via his own private imprint and through an impressive list of legendary 80s tape labels such as Sound of Pig, HalTapes, Deaf Eye, and Harsh Reality Music. DaoDaoism is a collaboration of an opaque and mystical nature with NNN Cook working merely as an assistant towards Sutter's role as he puts it a "midwife to enigmas."

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